Uche Okpa-Iroha

NGA (1972). Lives and works in Lagos.

The Plantation Boy
Photographs (5)
Digital prints, satin coating, mounted on aluminum
120 x 80 cm

The Plantation Boy is a humorous intrusion built from forty photograms from the film The Godfather I.

The artist photographs himself in the studio and inserts the images into well-known stills from the film. Through this technique he introduces himself into conversations and action sequences from the movie that the viewer is already familiar with. These simulations present a distortion or distraction. The entire process creates the illusion that rethinks the original conversation. New dialogue and new scenes emerge. The viewer is challenged to create his own perception and develop a new conversation as a result of what he is seeing. The intervention is a tribute to and an inquiry into the effect of film on the individual and society at large. Many films based on real events are played by actors that leave their own fingerprint, creating a haze of reality, fantasy, and fiction.

Besides his work in photography, Uche Okpa-Iroha also experiments with other disciplines such as paint and video. His work is an attempt to capture human nature in a clear and informative way and initiate a dialogue with the public. Okpa-Iroha is a founding member of the Nigerian photography group Blackbox and collaborates with Invisible Borders / Trans-African Photographers, an organization that uses photography to create awareness and remedy the confusion that boundaries create on the African continent.