Verónica Lehner

COL (1980). Lives and works in Berlin

lehner_veronica_ordenes de colocacion1

Órdenes de colocación
2013. Installation

Lehner studied at the Universidad de los Andes and later received a master’s from Weißensee Art Academy.Although her main means of expression is through a personal interpretation and exploration of the medium of painting, we also encounter video, photography, and performance in her body of work. She investigates the possibilities of paint within space, making site-specific interventions inspired by the location, calling attention to the individual qualities of the space. Her work is not limited to the usual components of paint but rather incorporates fabrics, nails, receptacles, etc. She refers to her method as ‘folded canvases’ because she resorts to folds in the canvas to guide her painting; this stirs the discussion about the infinite possibilities of the medium.

She has participated in group shows in Colombia and Germany. Her solo shows include: d(es)cubrir/ ge(schichten) (To discover) at the Embassy of Colombia in Berlin (2006) and mal dies, mal das, mal hier, mal da, also in Berlin (2009). Lehner’s public space projects include Under the bridge (2009), a graffiti wall intervention in Skoki, Poland; Fuba (2009), another intervention in Berlin; Message Service at the Weltzeituhr (2008), a collaboration with Janin Walter at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin; and Auch Bauch, a collaboration with Roos Versteeg, Luisa Stock, Janin Walter, and Leentje van Wirdum at the Helmholzplatz in Berlin.