Wilger Sotelo

COL (1980). Lives and works in Cartagena de Indias

Inventario II - wilger sotelo

Inventario II
2007. Installation

Wilger Sotelo is a young multidisciplinary artist from Cartagena, where he continues to reside and work. His work is critical, political, and conscientious, taking on themes of discrimination, racism, religious extremism, violence, consumerism, inequality, and social marginalization. He creates awareness of the side-by-side existence of drastically uneven social classes within the same geographic and demographic setting.

His work starts off as an aesthetic object of reflection, but ends up taking on an almost scientific role, becoming a kind of anthropological document. Cartagena frequently features prominently in his socio-artistic studies where he grants center stage to the city’s people and stories. In order to develop his projects, Sotelo embeds himself deeply into the communities he chooses for study, approaching popular sensibilities in a simple and straightforward manner. This discourse is rare in artistic fields and has brought Sotelo professional esteem.

He has exhibited in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Spain.