William Engelen

NLD (1964). Lives and works in Berlin and Rotterdam.

Engelen_William_Per voi ha ta_2014

Per voi ha ta – Sound installation. Audio, 42’

William Engelen invariably uses music in his projects. He has composed for instruments ranging from the violin to the electric guitar, percussion instruments, the harp, the
accordion, and even voice. Engelen presents a special piece at #1 Cartagena. Several music stands are placed among the plants trees in La Presentación’s garden.
Their presence in the garden, with each leg firmly planted in the ground, is unusual. There are marks engraved on the surface of each lectern that reference artisanship. The music stands vary in height, some brushing the branches, and others low on the ground. Each hold their own score and all together form a musical composition
with parts for different instruments: a haegeum, or two-string violin, a bamboo flute called tanso (both Korean instruments), percussion, and voice.

The inscribed scores do not have a set length. The structures consist of individual elements that can be interpreted in any order. If a musician were to play the piece, he could decide on the duration and even the moments of silence. The score can be read left to right, top to bottom, diagonally, or in zigzag. Each portion can also be played on a separate speaker, blending in with the natural environment. The wood will acquire a patina throughout the exhibition months. Its position outdoors will affect the lecterns. The plants might grow to accommodate and wrap around them; the birds may come to rest on them; a worm may even add its own ideas to the score. The result may turn out to be a different interpretation.