Ximena Garrido-Lecca

PER (1980). Lives and works in Lima and London.

La trama, 2013
360 x 250 cm / 250 x 200 cm

Ximena Garrido-Lecca has been living abroad for over a decade. This physical and temporal distance combined with her immersion in a very different culture to her own have made her see her country’s idiosyncrasies with different eyes. Garrido-Lecca in interested in the social scenery of Peru and in how ancestral traditions have slowly disappeared as a consequence of globalization. Some of her sources of iconography include adobe walls, decorative railings, corrugated metal, jumbled public fountains, cemetery niches, and the larger baroque, overdone popular aesthetic with is screaming colors and bizarre combinations of form.

Evoking minimalist works, particularly Carl Andre’s low-lying sculptures, her recent piece La Trama is a weave traditionally made of esparto or rattan but in this case made with thin strips of copper. Moving away from minimalism and its emphasis on the finish and the singularity of each element, this work presents the material as part of an interwoven whole. The mat reflects the quality that identifies artisanal manufacturing and communicates a story and social context. The use of copper as a raw material for the production of traditional artifacts suggests a re-appropriation of natural resources, taking on symbolic dimensions. It is as if the metal had shape memory—a metal that returns to its original form when heated—and it suggests the return of copper to its role as a medium of cultural expression through the work of coppersmiths and artisans through the ages.