Yin Xiuzhen

CHN (1963). Lives and works in Beijing.

Bookshelf No.1
2009. Installation, 226 x 126 x 43 cm
Bookshelf No.14
2010. Installation, 212 x 101 x 30 cm

Yin Xiuzhen was raised during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. She uses her artwork to explore modern issues of globalization and homogenization and has become known for her work with found and recycled objects. She seeks to extract the memory of the objects, personalizing them so as to remove the toxic homogenization often produced in the drive toward modernization.

The preservation of memory has become the beacon of her sculptures and installations. Divorced from strict academic practice and having abandoned traditional painting early on, Xiuzhen is at the vanguard of contemporary Chinese art, a scene that is still dominated by men and only recently developed since the cultural awakening in China. Bookshelf No.1 and No.14 belong to a series of works that involve carefully sown fabrics that encase preexisting objects. The reason for the cloth is twofold. First, the clothes that the fabric was taken from offer information on their previous owners. They are completely unique pieces that say something about a particular time and piece of
history. There is a reason why they were kept and not discarded. Second, the cloth speaks to an artisanal process, slow and patient, a rhythm that contrasts with our fast and automated daily lives.